The Chi: Lena Waithe is a winner!

12 June 2018

Lena Waithe is one extraordinary woman. 

Not only did she co-pen one of the most refreshingly nuanced, intersectional and authentic portraits of black life in the south side of Chicago on the television series The Chi, but the seasoned creative genius also wrote one of the most critically celebrated moments in the entire awesomeness that is Master Of None

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That Thanksgiving 'autobiographical' moment explored the invisible African American queer experience in ways that have remained mute in mainstream television, a beautifully executed contribution that went on to earn Lena her first Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.


She became the first African American woman to win in this traditionally male-dominated category. 

Speaking on the writing of The Chi to BUILD, Waithe says she wanted to think outside of the box. In tackling the violence and crime in the community, "I wanted to put some humanity behind the headlines, and some humour", so that people would care more about people that don't look like them. 

You've got to watch the show and connect with the complex characters to know how brilliant her writing is, of course. You can do that Tuesdays at 21:30, exclusive to 1Magic, DStv channel 103. 

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