Dwayne Johnson talks Ballers

Playing Spencer Strasmore has been a dream fulfilled for Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock.

31 August 2018

Dwayne Johnson, most popularly known as ‘The Rock’, has come a long way since his days behind the wrestling ring. Since transitioning into acting, the pro-wrestler-turned-superstar has been seen all over the big screen on movies like Fast and Furious and San Andreas.

Beyond the big screen, Dwayne has made his mark on TV; especially on Ballers on which he plays Spencer Strasmore, a retired athlete turned financial manager. The comedy-drama is already on Season 4 which proves that Dwayne’s career in acting is well, ballin’.

Talking to Esquire about his character and the show, Dwayne said, “You’ll get a kick out of [Ballers].

“Spencer Strasmore is everything I dreamed of being. I dreamed of being an NFL player, All-Pro, making money, buying my parents a house, the whole thing like he has done.”

Besides the fact that Spencer dresses impeccable well, Dwayne said playing Spencer has been the “greatest level of fulfillment” he could have ever asked for.

Get a sneak peek of Ballers in the video below:

Catch Ballers Season 4 on Tuesdays at 21:30 on 1Magic, DStv Channel 103.