Queen Sugar S3: Where we left off

With just days away from the hotly anticipated return of the Bordelons on your screens, here's a quick look at where the previous season left off

12 July 2018

Ralph Angel loses Blue

Ralph Angel finding out that Blue isn't his biological son is the biggest plot twist to have happened on the show in all its relatively tiny history. 

And thanks to the sequence of events that precede the shocking revelation by Darla, no one could have seen that one coming. A doting father, Ralph's consistent troubles have never hindered the beautiful relationship he has with his boy. In fact, Ralph Angel has said that Blue is the only thing that has kept him going many times when he felt like giving up. 

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What will happen to this relationship now? 

Charley and Remy are over! 

We'd hoped that Remy would be the light at the end of the murky tunnel for Charley's rocky love life. But the end of season two also marked the sad end of her once awe-inspiring tryst with the charming Remy. For quite a while, he seemed to embody the essence of perfection, at least to the extent that he is the opposite of David West. Unlike West, whose infidelity ended in a multi-million dollar out of court settlement, a divorce and a sad family separation, Remy seemed like the easy-going country dude who's a good lover.  Plot twist: His moral values aren't aligned with Charley's, who now wants to take down the Landry dynasty. 

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The community walks out on Queen Sugar 

Amongst Charley's blues is the dramatic walkout of the community farmers on her. With Remy gone, Charley must find a way to make things work at the sugar cane mill, despite the vicious backlash, opposition from family members, as well as systematic, racist attempts to sabotage her business operations. 

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