Sindi Dlathu’s steady rise in entertainment

Sindi Dlathu's career in entertainment has grown in leaps and bounds.

24 August 2018

Without question, 2018 has proved to be a successful year for Sindi Dlathu, and the year is not even over. Sindi started her acting career at 17 years old and has developed into one of the most influential actresses in the South African television industry.

Where it all started

Sindi caught the eye of many when she first entered a music competition where she made it to the final round of the talent search competition at just 12 years old. Luck would prove to be on her side as one of the Mahotella Queens members spotted her and decided to mentor her. This is also the time she was introduced into the entertainment industry.

Her first acting gig came when she auditioned and landed a role in a play directed by Mlamuli Mbili. Without any formal training in acting, Sindi travelled across borders showcasing her talent.

Her big break

Her overseas travels gave her the opportunity to work alongside international stars including Randy Crawford, Billy Oceana, and Whoopi Goldberg. While Sindi is well-known for her role in Sarafina, her big break came when landed roles in Khululeka and Soul City.

Since then, her career has steadily grown, placing her as one of South Africa’s most loved and leading ladies in the entertainment industry.